Arvo Pärt and Contemporary Spirituality Conference 2010
A conference to celebrate the 75th birthday of Arvo Pärt, hosted by Boston University.

Arvo Pärt - Biographie - Mediathèque de l'IRCAM
A biography of Arvo Pärt from the Centre Georges Pompidou (in French).

Arvo Pärt - Works Compilation
A list of works by Arvo Pärt and media, compiled by Onno van Rijen.

BBC Artists Profiles
Arvo Pärt's page on the Composer Profiles section of the BBC website.

Classical Net - Arvo Pärt
A short biography of the composer from the Classical Net website.

David Pinkerton's Arvo Pärt Information Archive
A huge source of information about anything related to Arvo Pärt. Perhaps the most comprehensive index of Arvo Pärt's compositions available on the web.

Eesti Välisministerium
The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a very interesting page on Arvo Pärt, who is, without a doubt, one of the country's best-known personalities.

Global Music Network Arvo Pärt's page
Another biography of Arvo Pärt, with links to music samples.

Karadar Classical Music
Yet another biography of Arvo Pärt. This one, in German.

Kritische Musik - Te Deum / Trisagion
An analysis of Arvo Pärt's Te Deum and Trisagion (in German).

Miserere and Minimalism
Lewis Owens interviews the composer in this article for online magazine Spike.

Naxos Composer Catalogue - Arvo Pärt
Biographical sketch and study of Arvo Pärt's musical development, summaries of his orchestral, vocal and choral, instrumental, and chamber music, and Naxos discography.

RTÉ Living Music Festival 2008
Webpage of the Radio Telefís Éireann Living Music Festival 2008, which took place in Dublin on 15-17 February 2008. The festival was entirely dedicated to Arvo Pärt

RTÉ Living Music Festival 2008 - Musical Criticism
Webpage of the Musical Criticism website about the RTE Living Music Festival 2008, Dublin - February 2008.

Universal Edition
Universal Edition are the main publishers of Arvo Pärt's music scores. This is the section about the composer on their website.

Wikipedia - English
This is the entry for Arvo Pärt on the Wikipedia website.

Wikipedia - Estonian
This is the entry for Arvo Pärt on the Estonian Wikipedia website.

Wikipedia - Kanon Pokajanen
Wikipedia also has a very comprehensive entry about the 1997 composition Kanon Pokajanen.