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Miserere and Minimalism

Spike Magazine – Lewis Owens – A few months ago, I contacted the composer Arvo Pärt through his publisher in Vienna. I informed Mr Pärt that I was interested in writing a book on his life and music. After reading my proposal, Mr Pärt suggested that we met to discuss things further. The first meeting took place on Wednesday March 29 at the Royal Academy of Music, where there was a three day festival in honour of his music. The second meeting was at his house in Essex, which was followed by a visit to the nearby Stavropegic Monastery of St. John the Baptist. Read more

Klas & the NSO, on Arvo Part time (slow)

The Washington Post – Philip Kennicott – The sun shines just as brightly and just as often in Estonia as anywhere else, but such is the power of musical impressions that many in the West will imagine it a monochrome land of somber people praying in penitentially drafty churches. One composer –Arvo Pärt, whose "Festina Lente" was performed by the National Symphony Orchestra last night– is primarily responsible for that impression. Read more

It's just a sign of the chimes

The Independent – Phil Johnson – Next week, the Royal Academy of Music presents its 14th International Composer Festival. Entitled "Pärt in Profile", the festival is devoted to the music of the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt, with performances of 23 of his works, together with a programme of talks and films. Pärt will be present for the whole festival, working with students and helping to supervise performances. All of the events, except next Thursday's performance of Passio at Westminster Cathedral, are free of charge. Read more