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Paul Hillier - conductor for the ages

The Baltic Times – Steve Roman – In the rehearsal hall he sits facing a semicircle of female choir singers. His eyes are fixed on the page of notes in front of him, and with one raised hand, he conducts the delicate music that fills the room. Paul Hillier, singer and renowned artistic director and chief conductor of the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, couldn't be more in his element. Read more

The Hilliard Ensemble celebrates its 30 anniversary

Goldberg Magazine – The Hilliard Ensemble celebrates its 30 years of musical activity with a series of three concerts that will be held at the Londoner Wigmore Hall on April 30 and May 1. Read more

The Reich stuff

The Guardian – Will Hodgkinson – The founding father of minimalism, Steve Reich, draws inspiration from Perotin, John Coltrane and Arvo Pärt. Read more