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Estonian conductor to make U.S. debut

The Cincinnati Post – Mary Ellyn Hutton – Olari Elts will be away from his country on Estonian Independence Day (today), but no Estonian is ever away entirely. Read more

Paul Hillier - conductor for the ages

The Baltic Times – Steve Roman – In the rehearsal hall he sits facing a semicircle of female choir singers. His eyes are fixed on the page of notes in front of him, and with one raised hand, he conducts the delicate music that fills the room. Paul Hillier, singer and renowned artistic director and chief conductor of the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, couldn't be more in his element. Read more

Klas & the NSO, on Arvo Part time (slow)

The Washington Post – Philip Kennicott – The sun shines just as brightly and just as often in Estonia as anywhere else, but such is the power of musical impressions that many in the West will imagine it a monochrome land of somber people praying in penitentially drafty churches. One composer –Arvo Pärt, whose "Festina Lente" was performed by the National Symphony Orchestra last night– is primarily responsible for that impression. Read more